Unit-Injector Repair

Done by unique Serbian recipe.

Advantage of the Pumpe Duse system is the elimination of the c-r high pressure pump and lines. With a common rail system, if there is a leak in any fuel line or one injector develops a leak, all the injectors are affected. It takes the smallest leak to cause a “No Start” condition because no fuel pressure can be generated to allow the injectors to spray. With the Pumpe Duse, a problem at one injector is isolated.

In cooperation with professors from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at University of Belgrade, we won several very complex procedures for unit-injector system repair: SIEMENS VDO Piezo pumpe-duse, VOLKSWAGEN PDE. Tehnomotive d.o.o. is also unique firm at the Balkan region that repairs last generation injectors for CATERPILLAR construction machinery and buses, as well for GAZ and LAND ROVER.

Repair of SIEMENS VDO piezo pumpe-duse.

Specialzed modern repair.

The pumpe-duse unit with piezo-valve (PPD) is a development of the pumpe-duse unit with solenoid valve. As the name implies, the solenoid valve has been replaced with a faster and more controllable piezo-valve. In addition, the mechanical control of the different injection pressures within the pumpe-duse unit has been improved so that, for example, saved the bypass plunger and thus the volume of high pressure in favor of efficiency could be reduced.

Repair of VOLKSWAGEN PDI pumpe-duse.

PDI goes into vehicles of VOLKSWAGEN group.

Pumpe Düse is a new fuel management and delivery system that places a pump injector at each individual cylinder producing a finer spray for better and more efficient combustion. Instead of a pre-combustion chamber found in most diesels, fuel is injected directly into each individual combustion chamber under terrific pressure at precisely the right moment.

Repair of injectors for GAZelle vehicles with STEYR engine.

Only company in Serbia that can repair GAZelle injectors.

The STEYR MONOBLOCK engine family is equipped with a high pressure STEYR Unit
Injector with two stage injection nozzle and up to 2000 bar injection pressure.
Design and material selection have been specifically matched to operate the engines with many types and qualities of diesel fuels like Diesel (F54, EN 590ff), Kerosene (JP8 / F34) or Maritime Diesel fuel. This injectors are implemented in GAZelle.
The unique design solution provides a pure mechanical “limp home” – capability even when the Electronic Engine Management is out of operation.

Repair of LAND ROVER injectors.

The Td5 uses Electronic Unit Injectors to burn exactly the right amount of fuel, which mean that when first released, the emissions are so clean that was no need for a catalytic converter in order to meet emissions regulations (EU2).
With the introduction of EU3 regulations, the engine gained an Exhaust Gas Regulation (EGR) cooler, as well as a catalytic convertor in the exhaust.
The dual chain-driven overhead camshaft pressurises the fuel in the injectors to 1500 bar, compared to around 600 bar in the Tdi, and this is one of the key advantages of using EUI technology, as it provides good emission control due to the very high pressure of fuel injection. The high pressure in the Td5 is possible because each injector has a camshaft driven pump.

Repair of VOLVO injectors.

This injectors are implemented into the VOLVO trucks and marine engine (penta).  The injectors work at pressures up to 2 000 bar to produce the best possible fuel-to-air ratio at any load conditions. In combination with the 4-valve technology also used in the engines, this ensures an efficient flow of gases.