Why does my diesel blow black smoke?

Under normal circumstances a diesel should only blow black smoke under initial start up and occasionally when under load or changing gears. Modern diesels are able to operate without any black smoke at all. If your diesel does blow smoke it is normally because of a restriction to the intake of fresh air. The first thing you could check is your air filter. Is it clean? Other possibilities could be your injectors are worn, or your tappets could be out of adjustment. These can be checked by TEHNOMOTIVE for you.

Are my injectors worn out?

Diesel injectors do wear out and unlike petrol injectors, they need to have the nozzles replaced not cleaned. This is due to the high pressure and the way the fuel is forced through the injection port. Signs of worn injectors could include poor fuel economy and black smoke. Under normal circumstances the nozzles will last around 100000km before needing to be replaced. This distance can increase depending on the type of injector and the style of driving during that period.

Can I get more power from my diesel vehicle?

Yes. Diesel fuel injection is a very precise trade and without the settings of your diesel fuel injector pump and injectors set correctly your vehicle can suffer from a lack of power. Even electronic controlled diesels can be tuned to achieve a power increase. TEHNOMOTIVE specializes in this type of work and is qualified to get the best out of your vehicle in terms of power and a long life of the engine.

What should I do when my diesel fuel injection pumps leaks?

There are two ways to fix this problem. There is the correct way and the patch up way. The correct way includes removal of the diesel fuel injection pump and having all the o-rings replaced. This is recommended because most of the fuel pumps that involve leaking fuel are lubricated by fuel and once one o-ring starts to leak, the rest of the o-rings will soon start to leak. The patch up includes isolating the o-ring that is leaking, and if possible repairing the leaking o-ring only. Please note that this patch up procedure is not always an available option. Please contact the qualified staff at TEHNOMOTIVE so our experienced staff can give you best recommendation.

What should I do when my engine management light comes on?

If your engine management light comes on it is a sign that something is wrong on your vehicle and that the computer has logged a code. These codes are stored in its memory and by means of complex diagnostic equipment we can interrogate the vehicle and find out the problem and work towards to the solution. TEHNOMOTIVE has the latest diagnostic equipment from the leading manufactures so that we can get you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

What do I do if petrol is put in the tank?

This can be a large problem if you do this to a very modern diesel vehicle with the latest diesel injection systems. It is important not to drive the vehicle too far. The best way is to have the tank drained of the petrol and re-filled with diesel. If any damage has been done then it will soon be apparent in the way of rough running any other symptoms like this. If this happens to you, please call our staff and we will be able to give you fast and friendly advice for your particular situation.